Why a magician?

Having a magician entertaining at your event is like the icing on a cake — it adds something special and unique that people will talk about for years to come.

Many people have only seen TV-magicians before, such as Dynamo and Derren Brown. They've never had the chance to see a magician live and up close. So they'll be astounded when they see impossible things happening in front of them.

At corporate events and weddings, there's a high chance people won't know everyone in the room. Hiring a magician is a great way to break the ice and get your guests to relax and chat with each other.

Who am I?

I am a close-up magician from London who has performed across the world. I’ve astounded guests at glamorous wedding receptions and luxurious balls held in English palaces; in packed-out ski resorts in the Alps, filled with tipsy students, and at packed-out corporate events in high-end hotels, filled with tipsy businessmen.

Moreover, I'm a member of Equity, the UK Trade Union for creative professionals, and have public liability insurance with cover up to £10 million.

But being a magician means that I lie for a living — so scroll down and read the lovely words that others have written about me.

Styles of Magishing

These styles are just guidelines — a combination of these may be the best for you. Get in touch and let's chat about what would suit your requirements perfectly.

Magician Paavan performing close up
Magician Paavan performing at tables
Magician Paavan at the Edinburgh Fringe

Nice Words About Me

I'm incredibly humbled that so many people have said such nice things about my magic.
Make sure to read the fourth one — it's a poem!


Click below to see a video of me in action or flick through some photographs taken at past events. More videos coming soon!

Video Preview

Let's make some magic happen...

Text me on +44 7904 611595 or drop me an email at hello@paa​van.co.
(Telepathic messages and letters-by-owl are also welcome.)