Like all weddings, an Indian Wedding is the coming together of two individuals as well as their two families. But an Indian Wedding is special — often the amount of guests in attendance is an order of magnitude greater, and there may be multiple events that span multiple days.

This all means that there’s so much more to organise, making it even more important to get the right entertainment sorted as early as possible. Here’s three reasons why a magician is the perfect entertainment for a wedding.

Break the ice

With so many friends and family members all coming together, it’s likely that some guests won’t know each other. Having a magician like me wandering around performing small miracles to them will help them to meet each other, relax, and settle down.

Never seen magic before

Seeing magic up close will make your wedding stand out. Most people have only ever seen magicians on TV before, like Dynamo and Derren Brown, so having someone walking around is guaranteed to blow minds!

Perfect for all ages

Magic gets everyone excited and involved, whether they’re eight or eighty! All the magic I perform is family friendly, meaning it’s suitable for the kakas, kakis, mamas and mamis!

Next steps

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